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Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Q Continuum #2: Q-Zone

Q is perhaps the most popular recurring Trek character, with his own newsgroup , alt. His popularity went beyond Trek fandom -- he even gets a name check on Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Alara Rogers on her changing perspectives on the character:. Atara Stein on an early Q episode, 'Hide and Q':. Fortunately for his subsequent appearances on the show, de Lancie establishes some interesting facets of Q's demeanor that will provide significant material later. One is simply the energy of his performance, particularly given the stilted lines he is given.

He is such fun to watch, particularly in Q's confrontations with Picard, that he had to be brought back in some fashion. This episode also subtly or not so subtly establishes Q's polymorphous sexuality.

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His demeanor toward Riker during their conversation on the planet is campy and seductive; he draws close to the first officer, invading his personal space and giving him a series of low-lidded seductive looks while speaking in a bedroom voice that incongruously undermines the pretentious dialog about human evolution. One viewer, who had never seen a Q episode before, watched a minute or so of this scene, then asked, "Is Q gay? Alexander V.

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And the other side you have Q who is a 'bad' guy But only to Federation standards , but he shows that things like 'good' and 'bad' are just personal. Q also gets paired with many other Trek characters, including Paris , Bashir and Data , not to mention droves of original characters who often score highly on the Mary-Sue scale. Non-explicit Q fanfiction frequently explores Q's true nature and how it differs from the human experience, often in the context of a trusting relationship with another character. Q is sometimes included in ensemble adventures occasionally for Trek series in which he doesn't appear , usually as a generic villain or as a plot device for time or dimensional travel, or the like.

Jump to: navigation , search. This hopefully should provide an illuminating and unusual way of examining the extended Star Trek universe. Q, of course, is an omnipotent being, who we later discover is part of the Q Continuum, which exists on a different plane of existence, containing a race of beings all known as Q who appear to have complete dominance over time, space and matter.

They are the ultimate personification of a God, with all the powers of a God in-between. The only difference is that few of them had the scope, reach and power of the Continuum. That, as a concept, was always going to be a game-changer. He began to see them, strangely, as family.

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Through his Voyager appearances, Q develops not just a metaphorical family but a literal one — having a child with an elegant, abrasive female Q, who of course becomes known simply as q. One interesting aspect to emerge from the Voyager episodes featuring Q which always delved much more into the cosmic goings on of the Continuum, rather than how TNG simply had the character testing Picard and his crew , was how the Continuum had grown stale and divested of purpose. In some respects, Q ends up like a dark reflection of the Doctor from Doctor Who ; travelling the universe getting into adventures which the austere, grounded rules of his arch, unknowable race find concerning.

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The main difference of course is the Doctor serves as a hero, while Q is always a Loki-style trickster who makes the lives of less advanced beings difficult. We simply know, as Picard witnesses, that a younger version of Q, wandering through the cosmos looking for adventure in a universe where he is bored from seeing and doing everything, uses the Guardian of Forever a being clearly as powerful and even more unknowable than he , to access a realm even he has no knowledge of, from which he inadvertantly rescues a sly, all-powerful being known as 0.

The TNG-era wanted to make our galaxy seem much bigger and more dense than TOS ever did, hence why the Kelvans for example made an appearance in TOS, despite being an extra-galactic race. They consequently never told the kind of stories TOS did which never burdened themselves with that level of understanding of the vast parameters of our own galaxy.

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Much like how the movie Insurrection dealt with Starfleet observing an alien species in a lesser stage of development, q is brought in to observe the Enterprise crew during crisis, and even at one point Beverly has a nice exchange with the female Q about raising exceptional sons with a sense of destiny. The rules are different but the concept is the same.

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You suspect the ultimate message Cox will try and convey in his overarching trilogy will be a lesson learned by Q, which we can all appreciate, about quite what you teach your children, and how you guide them.