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Vromen has restored a missing piece of the Belgian and Jewish past. She tells the story of the children and their saviors with tact, gentleness, and insight. We still know far too little about what happened to children during the Nazi period and even less about those who were hidden by Catholic institutions.

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Relying on both the printed record and interviews with some of the children and the priests and nuns who hid them, Suzanne Vromen paints a vivid picture. This is an important book that will captivate readers and open a door to a body of knowledge that has been hidden for far too long.

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Search Start Search. Go directly to our online catalogue. Features About the Author s Reviews Features An inspiring chronicle of the brave individuals in Roman Catholic convents and orphanages who risked everything to protect Jewish children Author is one of the "hidden children".

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Reviews "Suzanne Vromen's deeply moving book about Jewish children hidden in Belgian convents during World War II is an extraordinary study of human courage, devotion, and transcendent spirit. In this age of media overload -- which only serves to obscure the presence of Hashem in our lives -- this book offers a deep, insightful approach to thinking about the Holocaust that will leave you forever changed.

This book will help you discover hashgachah Divine Providence in history, even at times when Hashem hid His face from us -- even in the dense darkness that was the Holocaust. Indeed, many survivors, in retelling their stories, have expressed the conviction that Hashem was watching over them.

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These countless stories certainly testify to Hashem's presence on the microcosmic level of individual lives, but the goal of this book is to demonstrate Hashem's hand in the larger, global events of the Holocaust. From Hitler's rise to his demise -- including the war he waged against the Jews and the Allied military campaigns waged against him -- Hashem's hidden hand can be discerned, if only we open our eyes to see.

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