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Why do I feel like there is always something in my eye?? Please Help!! Im 48 yrs old. I have had glaucoma since I was in my 30s and it has got worse over the past four years, I am 54 now. I have had trab ops done in both eyes over the past year, last one done a couple of weeks ago. My vision isnt brilliant though am not registered as partially sighted, though on the verge.

Sight has got worse considerably since May and before that I did not notice the sight loss at all and was continuing life as normal.

Now things are a lot different and I have lost a lot of peripheral vision in both eyes and central vision in my right eye. I am finding it hard at work now and am doing a fine art degree course, which am finding hard to do also, though have had lots of help put in place to assist me, though I am not sure how long I am able to continue.

It is a shame, because I am a very visual person and love art and design. It does seem to suddenly take a turn for the worse, even though you have eye drops, visual fields test etc. It has seemed to happen suddenly for me anyway, and has been a big shock and scarey to lose vision quickly, rather than slowly over a longer period of time which perhaps could cope with better if at a more gradual pace. Had the trabe done 2yrs ago and the express shunt 1yr and 3 mos ago.

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Ended up with a droopy eyelid don't know if its going to get better. Would have went with the trabe again if I would have known about the droopy eye. Not happy.

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However no pain in either one. With the express shunt however I have a lot of irritation feeling. He said he could put another stitch in but not if my eye is going to droop more and will the irritation go away. I had trabulectomies done in both eyes over 16yrs ago. First my right eye, but by the time I took action, I was already legally blind in my right eye. I was 22yrs old when this all came down. Just recently they have started to fail and I refuse to get on drops, because I know they will eventually fail too. I have had two needling surgeries done. The first one fail and made the pressure worse 16 to 22 and I go today to see if the second one has worked.

I don't think it has because the bleb won't stay inflated unless I push massage my eye. Then it gets very large, but my vision is greatly distorted. Don't let anyone kid you, needling surgery is horrible!! Because of the length of time it has been since my surgeries, the scar tissue is so thick and it's difficult to repair.

Simply Successful Surgery: secrets to faster healing

I was so happy it lasted so long, but who knew so much time would make things worse later. Just bare in mind that just because things seem to be good with your surgeries, ask questions. Don't let too much time pass with "good" pressure readings. Make sure your bleb is working good too. Take care and my GOD keep all of you well. I've just had a trabeculectomy done on my right eye 4 days ago. Yes, pain. Yes, elevated IOP. Have been back to the surgery every day and only now is my pressure starting to fall to acceptable levels.

I am expecting things to be tough for the next 4 - 6 weeks, possibly longer. But I am fortifying myself by reading, reading, reading from appropriate sources - ie nothing alarmist, more like medical journals. Question everything, take second, third and fourth opinions. The medical journals confirm it is the experienced individual surgeon who has many years of experience doing trabbies who offer you the best chance for a successful procedure.

Prior to the trab, on initial diagnosis of high IOP intraocular pressure should be between 10 - 21; anything higher and you will be treated - first for Ocular Hyper Tension, then gradually the doctors might acknowledge you have glaucoma and, as your vision decreases, they will consider surgical intervention. Trabeculectomy is the gold standard, but other less-invasive, more frequently repeatable procedures are offered to older patients, such as Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty. Know what is happening to your eye! Look for extended blind spots, go for regular check-ups, and take the eye drops scrupulously.

Be aware they have sometimes have very depressing side effects. Ask about everything, don't just accept everything your doctors tell you! I'm I just turned I'm scheduled to have my trab surgery in 4 weeks. I'm so scared Are you awake during the surgery? Do you feel anything? I'm in my late 60's and told that I need a trabeculectomy with an express shunt for my right eye.

Simply Successful Surgery Secrets To Faster Healing

I have no central vision in my left eye due wet macular degeneration wAMD so I couldn't use it to read, watch TV, drive, etc. My right eye has an IOP of 15 to 16 with using 2 kinds eye drops and a hemorage on the right optic nerve. As I read these comments about eye surgery, it seems that many people have very high pressures. There seems to be lots of pain for weeks and blurry vision after this type of surgery and that some people have complications and others just seem to breeze through. With only one good eye, I'm scared to have this surgery and wonder if it's necessary since my pressure isn't too bad but then I don't want to lose sight in this eye from creeping glaucoma.

Any thoughts from anyone? I had a trabeculectomy in my right eye in Sept. My surgery for my left eye was in Jan. I did not experience the pain and vision loss in that eye at all. Now I am experiencing what I consider swelling of both of my eye lids, especially of my right eye. I had drooping of the eye lid of the longest time.

I asked my surgeon because of the swelling and he told me my eyelid is still drooping, which I do not agree with. When the eyelid droops it is hanging down, my eyelids are at least twice as thick as normal. Also I can see my pupils when I close my eye, especially in the left eye and I experience a lot of tearing, literally tears streaming down my face, the other day a woman approached me because she thought I was crying.

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I also have a lot of burning in both of my eyes. Did anybody else experience these symptoms or know what the surgeon told them. I would be very appreciative for advise.

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I'm feeling very blessed after reading these comments. I was terrified of having a trabulectomy, but all my fears proved to be groundless. I had zero pain, no side-effects at all and my droopy eyelid lasted just three days. My vision is still blurred 10 weeks after the surgery, but it continues to improve.