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Jennifer Hayward. Chantelle Shaw.

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Rachael Thomas. Katherine Garbera. Lynne Graham. Maisey Yates.

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The review must be at least 50 characters long. Sep 04, Crystal rated it it was amazing.

Lizzy Mitchell goes from single mom to princess bride, all because she has something that Prince Rico Ceraldi wants. Her nephew which is now her adopted son. He is the young heir to the throne of San Lucenzo.

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I saw how this story was going. He must have in some dark place in his mind wanted Lizzy. Why would he want to run away until the royal family had reached a decision. He never said that he wanted the throne so why give him a choice of his bride or the throne? It was a Lizzy Mitchell goes from single mom to princess bride, all because she has something that Prince Rico Ceraldi wants. It was a little puzzling. I don't think she had any body issues anymore because when she went to the spa she saw a whole now person that she could be if she took the time to do it everyday.

It was great the Rico wanted her. That should make her feel even better about her self. I guess I just don't know why people complain about these books. No one told them to buy them, if you don't like harlequin romance then don't read them. I love them because I am taken to a different place every time I read one. It gives me a HEA. The biggest issue I had with this one was probably the kid.

I know that small children tend to think of themselves as the center of the universe but good Lord. I can only guess that the h doted on him to the point that he never knew the least disappointment, in spite of the abject poverty they lived in which was another thing - what did she DO for a living? There was no mention of a J. This of course lead to him being a sullen brat near the end of the book when they were ship The biggest issue I had with this one was probably the kid.

This of course lead to him being a sullen brat near the end of the book when they were shipped unceremoniously back to their shack in Cornwall.

Tycoon's Ring Of Convenience

And her pleading with him to cooperate or have fun or something. Beyond that, there is the inequality - this isn't the first of these HPs I've run into where the author felt the need to drill into our heads that the h was impoverished. The method of administering this though is downright insulting - frequently referring to the h's clothing as cheap, as if there's something wrong with wearing non-designer duds.

And the looks dept. The H, refreshingly, isn't a jackass. He's overbearing, but then, he is a prince and used to getting his way. He gets tricked into bringing her to his home country where she is promptly separated from the child. He loses it and decks his brother, grabs her and the kid, finds a priest, and marries her to keep them safe. One makeover later and he sees her as she really is well, minus the overly dried out frizzy hair that deep conditioning and probably a brazillian blow out rendered manageable.

She doesn't recognize herself in a mirror back to that never actually looking at oneself thing I guess. Of course, dear old dad places H under house arrest trying to force him to declare the marriage null. He apparently refused and told them where to stick his title.

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  • Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded by Julia James.
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  • Tracks down h and sullen brat on a beach in England whereupon the kid magically stops sulking and starts trying to make a castle and demand attention while he and the h are attempting to discuss things. They work it out but boy I hope the kid figures out how to share attention as the h is pg in the epilogue.

    Nov 23, Alexia Xuereb Diacono rated it it was amazing. I really liked this book. Rico was such a kind and loyal man. He was determined to keep his promise. However I would have chosen a different title to such a great book. For instance "A pact with the prince " or"Protecting our nephew Ben" There was much more than being "royally bedded " in this book. Buena Muy entretenida y amena.

    Jan 20, Nikki rated it really liked it. Short, sweet and sensible something not alot of books about Princes are. How the couple came together over their love of Ben first was really important.