Guide Real Followers: A Radical Quest to Expose the Pretender Inside Each of Us

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This book presents the basics to respond to these methods of thinking, and attempts to change the perception that the objective of the church is only spiritual, without any social responsibility. Suggestions and methods are presented to equip social action teams to assist with the needs and sufferings of the Hispanic community and the vulnerable and poor of our communities.

If your pantry was empty, your children hungry, your electricity cut off for nonpayment, and you saw no prospect of support, what would you do? For a decade in a rural Tennessee community, you went to a shabby building behind a church and found Laura Willis. Running a program to help the needy, Laura discovered a world of people she never knew: the lonely and unemployed, chronically poor families, and middle-class folks surprised to be struggling in a great recession. And to each, she offered a bag of groceries, a compassionate ear, and a heart of love.

Taking a tiny food pantry and watching it grow to feed hundreds, Laura learned about her own hunger for God and began to discern her own spiritual directions, learning how her calling card—a bag of groceries—could be a gift to others and to herself of abundance and grace. In his best-selling book, 24 Hours that Changed the World, pastor and popular author Adam Hamilton helped readers relive the one day in history that changed everything. Religious StudiesOver the last thirty years African American voices and perspectives have become essential to the study of the various theological disciplines.

Writing out of their particular position in the North American context, African American thinkers have contributed significantly to biblical studies, theology, church history, ethics, sociology of religion, homiletics, pastoral care, and a number of other fields. Frequently the work of these African American scholars is brought together in the seminary curriculum under the rubric of the black church studies class.

Drawing on these several disciplines, the black church studies class seeks to give an account of the broad meaning of Christian faith in the African American experience. Up to now, however, there has not been a single, comprehensive textbook designed to meet the needs of students and instructors in these classes.

Black Church Studies: An Introduction will meet that need. Drawing on the work of specialists in several fields, it introduces all of the core theological disciplines from an African American standpoint, from African American biblical interpretation to womanist theology and and ethics to sociological understandings of the life of African American churches. It will become an indispensable resource for all those preparing to serve in African American congregations, or to understand African American contributions to the study of Christian faith. Looks at the diverse definitions and functions of the Black Church as well as the ways in which race, class, religion, and gender inform its evolution.

Provides a comprehensive view of the contributions of African American Scholarship to the current theological discussion. Written by scholars with broad expertise in a number of subject areas and disciplines. Will enable the reader to relate the work of African American theological scholars to the tasks of preaching, teaching, and leading in local congregations.

Will provide the reader the most comprehensive understanding of African American theological scholarship available in one volume. Ray Jr. Embracing God By Dwight H. Teresa of Avila, the sixteenth-century Spanish mystic, teaches you how to explore the interior castle that is your spiritual home. Room by room while praying, Teresa helps you explore these questions: Who is God?

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How can I communicate with God? He created in each of us a unique God-dream for getting more heaven into Planet Earth. We need to start living the life that God created us to live. I am so blessed that I have been given a God-dream worth living for—and dying for.

It gives me the energy I need to get out of bed every morning. It gives me purpose and makes my life one continuous song of ascent. It gives me a glimpse of what Jesus meant when he said, I am come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly John KJV. Without a God-dream, it would be so easy for me to plateau. I know too many people who have gotten stuck. They hit their forties or fifties and just stop.

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Life for them begins to be about looking back instead of moving forward. Motion and direction are not synonymous. Does either of those descriptions sound like you?

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I wrote Dare to Dream with three purposes in mind. First, I want to wake you up to the God-dream inside of you. You have one; I am sure you do. Jesus gave the dream to you when he came into your life. Second, I want to help you develop a life mission statement. Goals can change by season or circumstance, but a life mission statement never changes. Third, I want to challenge you to commit fully to your God-directed life mission, starting now. Remember, you are going to die.

Real Followers: A Radical Quest to Expose the Pretender Inside Each of Us

Today is the day to seize the present of the presence. Father, you have created us for so much more.

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Reveal to us how to live life in the abundance of your empowering Spirit. May we say with Jesus when our days on this earth are done, I have glorified you on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do. Jacob left Beer-sheba and set out for Haran. He reached a certain place and spent the night there. When the sun had set, he took one of the stones at that place and put it near his head. Then he lay down there. Lose weight, be on time for work, hit the gym three times a week, reduce yelling at the kids by 25 percent weekly and never yell on Sundays—the list goes on.

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Those might all be worthwhile goals, but we seriously need to ask ourselves: Am I thinking too small? Am I living the just get by plan, or is there a greater God-dream that, if lived to the fullest, could permeate and inform every move I make? My wife Carolyn knows. Frequently in this season of our lives I find myself turning to her and saying, We are living the dream. I mean something much bigger. In fact I have grabbed it and put my own spin on it. I call it your Big Hairy Audacious God-purpose.

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What I meant was that God has created each one of us with a particular purpose in his overall creative plan for the universe, and our task in life is to discover that purpose and fulfill it. Their BHAG was not their day job, which was running a bicycle shop in Dayton, but rather something that had not yet been accomplished: achieving human flight. Fixing bicycles was simply what they did to help fund the dream.