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Attitude moralization: Probably not intuitive or rooted in perceptions of harm. Current Directions in Psychological Science.

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Science denial across the political divide: Liberals and conservatives are similarly motivated to deny attitude-inconsistent science. Moralization through moral shock: Exploring emotional antecedents to moral conviction. Personality and Social Psychological Bulletin, 43, - Are conservatives from Mars and liberals from Venus? Maybe not so much. Graham Eds. Morality and justice. Sabbagh and M. Sch mitt Eds. Springer Press. Moralized rationality: Relying on logic and evidence in the formation and evaluation of belief can be seen as a moral issue.

Moralization and the presidential election campaign. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 3, — Skitka, L.

Linda J. Skitka, Ph.D.

The psychological foundations and consequences of moral conviction. Current Opinion in Psychology, 6 , Political orientation and moral conviction: A conservative advantage or an equal opportunity motivator of political engagement? Forgas, W. Fiedler Eds. Social psychology and politics. New York: Psychology Press. A checklist to facilitate objective hypothesis testing. Brain and Behavioral Sciences. Morality in everyday life.

Science , , — Vicarious revenge and the death of Osama bin Laden.

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    Perspectives on Psychological Science, 7, Cross-disciplinary conversations: A social psychological perspective on justice research with non-human animals.

    Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago

    Social Justice Research. Moral convictions and moral courage: Common denominators of good and evil. Shaver Eds. Exploring the cross-cultural generalizability and scope of morally motivated intolerance. Social Psychological and Personality and Science. Justice theory and research: A social functionalist perspective.

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    Introduction to Memory

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    Publications | Linda J. Skitka, Ph.D.

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    Educational psychology

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    Gilliland, D.

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      Mullen, E.