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More filters. Sort order. Oct 18, Danny Proffitt rated it liked it. I am always interesting reading anything about the anti Christ. Its writing is always interesting rather you agree or not.

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Readers also enjoyed. About Grant R. Grant R. Jeffrey is internationally recognized as a leading author on Bible prophecy, history, and apologetics. There was no room for nurturing of the sick and the weak. There was no room for mercy or for the God of mercy. These sobering facts of eugenics in recent 20th Century history are absent from the history books.

So our children are not schooled in the terrible social and political dangers and the hidden enemy at the gate. Our children are asleep. But it is not a natural sleep. They have been hypnotized like chickens. And so the Utopian dream goes on, with very few standing up to contradict it or sound a word of warning. Many Americans still imagine that under their administrations they can organize the unfolding of an idyllic global society where "everything is beautiful in its own way".

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They imagine that if we can all just "think positively", hold hands, and sing "We are the world" then everything will be OK. This is their dream! And our Dominionist Christian friends are right in there among them.


Without seeing the need to consult their Bible they want to join the jingoists. They believe that they can force their religious humanism , their particular Utopian dream upon all the people of this world!

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Of course most people are not just unaware of all these unfolding events. They just don't care. And as the state assumes more and more powers over individuals the people of Western Christendom, like the Roman Empire, are provided with "bread and circus". Citizens are fed "bread" by the state. A burgeoning list of entitlements keep them beholden to the government. The "circus" is provided by Hollywood, sports extravaganzas, materialism, pop religion, and a host of other entertainments and diversions.

Prince Of Darkness

This is the Tower of Babel revisited, a world of confusion. Confusion will lead to chaos, chaos to dictatorship. Only this next time it will be world dictatorship. Are we interested in coming back to our Messiah yet? Many Christians quite rightly try to shield their children from the perverse entertainments of this world with its violence and pornography. Christians have become invested in the corner church which is good, as far as it goes. But often we are not aware of the wider global arena and the wonderful Gospel outreach and the suffering but victorious Church that is expanding greatly under persecution overseas.

From out of Western Church offerings only 2 cents in the dollar goes to foreign missions. We are spending the money on ourselves but are becoming the poorer for it. With the blackout on true Biblically based Bible prophecy Christians are unaware of their situation.

They have been left in the dark. There is a silver lining to all this. Christian believers do not know this very important fact. They are actually more important to God than they think. They are yet to awaken to the Biblical truth that Western Christians are destined to assume a vital role of witness in the latter days. There will in fact be an End-Time Revival of blockbuster proportions. It will occur among the gathered Elect.

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And there is a wonderful treasure hidden in the lukewarm Laodicean Church , even as it is spewed out by a holy God. Why is all this critically important and encouraging information being smoke-screened? A quick scan of Church history tells the story. The powers of this world want to keep God's people to themselves. Since the Council of Nicaea Christians in the West have been beholden to established churchmen.

These men in turn are beholden to the secular kings, princes, and rulers of this world. In recent times it has been the merchants of this world that call the shots. They have a good handle on this world. And based upon this worldly wisdom they lay out the Church agenda for those churches that want "success". Businessmen in charge of church finances are very astute in the ways of this world.

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  5. They are very aware of the financial gains and the financial losses that attend certain messages and certain lines of preaching. Wittingly or unwittingly, they suggest certain subjects that "might be a good idea" for pastors to include, or exclude , from their preaching agenda. The pressure is on churchmen to perform two roles, other than preaching the Word of God. They must a. By way of illustration of this truth see this classic YouTube video clip from that wonderful video, 'God's Outlaw'. Godly ministers as well as those religious hirelings who are out for money are in the same boat here.

    Both are being wittingly or unwittingly influenced and paid through the systems of this world to enforce the status quo.

    They are not specifically ordered to perform this peacekeeping role in society. But as they get together and talk and read their articles on "church growth" they find it expedient to do so. No pastor wants to see their numbers down. Nor do they want to see church members becoming unruly or becoming a "problem" to the state. Should any of these things happen their church board would call them in for a "special meeting". Their established ecclesiastical position as pastor would be threatened, and very quickly.

    It happened to the Huguenots in France during the 17th and 18th Centuries. All these faithful church ministers were leaned on by the powers of this world for one reason. The powers of darkness wanted to shut down, attenuate, or twist the Word of God.

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    The same pattern continues today. Amazingly, ministers who are in all other ways very doctrinally sound will cave in to the worldly and established ecclesiastical powers of their day. They will abandon the expounding of certain Biblical truths when such truths become "embarrassing" to them or "revenue negative" with respect to their church offerings and income. This is why whole denominations will go along with a doctrine that is popular but Biblically unfounded.

    The Word of God is particularly twisted when it comes to the sensitive matter of the end-time truth as it is laid out in Holy Scripture. So understandably many of our Christian ministers are concerned about their job security. Instead of sharing a faithful message from the Bible many have shown themselves quite prepared to serve up popular end-time fables to the Christian masses. Christians in the pews, reading "Left Behind" books, and watching Christian television get a non-challenging, luke warm, watered down, milk-toast message.

    All too often it is message of end-time disinformation. Perhaps this is necessary. Is God actually allowing this cloaking of End-Time Biblical truth? Is He allowing it to happen for a purpose? It may not be "our purpose".