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In some versions the antagonist tricks the young girl into cannibalizing her grandmother. One thing remains constant: sweet innocent grandma does not make it out alive. Torrid - Go to Torrid. A crow enlists the help of a woman, instructing her to pluck a feather to make magical wishes. The feather gives her the power to refuse suitors and cook delicious meals. Two children, Gerda and Kay, battle the Snow Queen and try to find a balance between good versus evil. This well known warning teaches us that liars are not believed, even when they speak the truth.

Do you know the dangerous outcome of weaving tall tales? Sinbad is back on his ship and setting sail for Persia, hopefully one of his most lucrative trips yet. However, it is not money that Sinbad is looking for… but love. Amazon Prime - Season 1 is available now. Go to Follain. Hurt and unable to fly, it seems like Peter Pan is out of luck. Will anyone be there to come to his aid when he needs it the most?

Not only does a jealous Tinkerbell attempt to murder Wendy, but we find out about a much darker side to Peter Pan. In this version, young Peter flies to an island and introduces himself as Peter the Bird.

Upon learning he is not a bird, but human, he loses faith in his ability to fly. Stuck on the island, Peter asks the birds for help in hopes of returning home to his mother. When he finally returns to the window of his home and sees her, he discovers that in life, there are no second chances. Once he completed the twelve labors and paid his debt to society, Hercules married Deianira. Their marriage was a happy one until he accidentally put on a poison tunic.

The pain was so intense, Hercules decided that he would rather die than endure the torturous poison. After strangling his music teacher Linos in a fit of rage, Hercules was confronted by two beautiful women, Vice and Virtue.

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He was to choose a path for the rest of his life. One would be a path of hardship leading to glory. The other a path of pleasure and irresponsibility. Which path would he choose? One day, Toshiro the wood cutter wandered into a remote part of the forest to cut wood and drank from a nearby pond. In his reflection, he saw a man only 25 years old - the water had transformed him. His wife, Chizue insisted that she should drink from the same pond, to become as young as her husband - but she never returned.

Toshiro returned to the pond, only to find a terrible surprise. In this early version of the Rapunzel fairy tale, young Persinette is locked away in a tall tower away from men and told by her mother to never cut her beautiful golden hair. Thumbelina is a girl no bigger than a human thumb.


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Due to her small stature, she is very attractive to animals, who try to kidnap and marry her. Among her suitors: a toad, a beetle, and a mole. Yet, the one with whom she connected most was the swallow she nursed back to health. Would the swallow allow Thumbelina to be taken by another animal, or would they live happily ever after? The Emperor requests that his kitchen maid, Mei, bring to him the nightingale whose melody is so sweet that she can make your heart dance. Mei finds the bird, and the Emperor is so impressed that he invites the bird to stay and sing forever.

But when the Emperor receives a wind-up bird who sings a different and more beautiful song, he doesn't realize that the choice between them will become a matter of life and death. Momotaro is a brave Japanese boy adopted by a childless couple, after they find him inside of a peach. Years later, Momotaro says goodbye to his family to defeat the Oni demons or ogres who live on a distant island.

With the help of a dog, a pheasant, and a monkey, Momotaro finds their castle. A soldier returning from battle steals a magical Tinderbox from a witch. He uses the Tinderbox to bring himself more riches than he could have ever imagined. But what he wanted more than anything, was a chance to meet the Princess. So he used the Tinderbox to not only meet the princess, but also to become King. After having his first revenge plot foiled, Massood, captain of the thieves, swore revenge against Ali Baba, the man who killed 37 of his men. But he would soon figure out who was.

Massood, captain of the thieves, concocts a plan to get even with Ali Baba for stealing riches from his cave. Posing as a weary oil merchant, he asks Ali Baba for a place to stay and store his 37 jars of oil. But not all the jars are full of oil Ali Baba, a modest wood chopper, finds a stolen fortune in a magical cave, but can't keep the secret from his greedy brother. The next time he visits the cave, he is greeted not by robbers, but by the corpse of his dead brother. Will Ali Baba be next? A town in Germany had a serious rat infestation, and turned to a mysterious visitor to fix their problem.

The piper played his magical fife to lure the rats to a certain doom, but the mayor reneged on the payment he promised for the service. Months later, when the piper returned, he used his powers to seek revenge The tale of Hua Mulan seems simple: she was a devoted daughter who risked her life to become a warrior in place of her father. She returned from war a hero. But an older version of this tale is dark and complex, featuring death, betrayal, and a tragic ending. In this classic story of metamorphosis, a young duckling struggles to fit in with everyone around him.

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He goes off on his own, only to find his feelings of depression deepen. Will he ever find the peace he is searching for, and a place where he belongs?

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A key. A forbidden locked door.

The Singing Rock & Other Brand-New Fairy Tales

And bloody secrets. A cautionary tale, Bluebeard warns of the danger of rich men with unchecked powers, and of the deadly risk to women who become disobedient. The Beast grants Beauty a trip home, and she gladly accepts the time with her family. But a dream leads her to rethink this decision. She rushes back, in hopes of saving his life. Will she return in time? In her dreams, she meets with a prince, who happens to be a fellow prisoner of the Beast.

She becomes determined to save this man The merchant Marc lost everything — his wife, his job, his home — leaving his children unsatisfied with their new, poor lifestyle. In a final attempt to please at least one of his twelve children, he goes to pick a lovely rose This is the second of two prequel episodes to Beauty and the Beast.

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Despite different social standings, King Ernest marries a commoner, Alice. But Alice has a secret, and this secret causes her to disappear overnight, leaving the king and their daughter alone. If you are ever unclear about how to cite another person or author's ideas, come see me or consult the staff in the Writing Center.

We can help you do this correctly. It's important to understand that plagiarism is a big deal in this university and in my class. Don't make this mistake. Students who are caught plagiarizing will fail the course and be referred to the Dean of Student's office for disciplinary sanctions. Write a prospectus for Essay I. The object of the prospectus is to elicit feedback from the instructor. Essay I : Rough Draft due--bring two hard copies to class. Note: the first draft is a substantial piece of work, representing several hours of writing--perhaps exploring a topic, or working on one approach, abandoning it, and trying another.

Note: A mid-process draft is the re-working or extension of the materials of the first draft. Now your essay should really take shape in terms of content and depth.