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The scarf and hat are the sunscreen I spoke about, in one of the paragraphs above.

Particularly suited to groups of up to four discerning travelers. Join me over at Instagram where I post photos daily.


See what we were up to last week Mimosa bursting to the sky. C'est le printemps! You have won a copy of this delightful book. Cynthia, I will email you soon! Window in Queyras. Ongoing support from readers like you helps me to continue doing what I love most: sharing vocabulary and cultural insights via these personal stories from France. Your contribution makes a difference. Merci infiniment! Click here. Posted at PM Permalink Comments Having never seen a doggy bag at any restaurant in France, ever, I have no illustrative photo to launch this edition. Comments welcome here. Click here for more pictures.

In , in Aix-en-Provence, a plate of egg rolls separated me from my future husband. Egg rolls in France are different from those in the States.

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But when he tried out the idea on our waitress, asking her to box the food that remained on the serving platters, she showed neither amusement nor sensibility. In fact, she looked a bit put out by the request. After Jean-Marc persisted, the waitress returned with an empty plastic tub which, according to the label, had once held pistachio ice cream.

She pried open the container and slid the contents of both platters—and the side-dish—inside. It was too awkward for everyone involved when the servers had to go scavenging for odd containers in order to be accommodating. Jean-Marc disagreed. It was a very good idea , he assured me— no more wasted food. The French would do well to adopt the practice of asking for a doggy bag!

Pardon, Monsieur! The homeless man nodded in appreciation. After what seemed a very long pause, we said goodbye and walked on. Arm in arm, I pulled my boyfriend close. This one was a keeper. Do you ever notice how hearts show up when least expected or most needed? Thanks for visiting our sponsors! Majestic mountains, Provence colors. Wine tastings, Michelin Star cuisine. Provence Dreamin'? Jean-Marc and his faithful sidekick, Monsieur Sacks.

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See more of this endearing sacoche, and the story here. By sharing it with a student or teacher or friend, via the share buttons below, you help to get the word out about my French language journal. Posted at AM Permalink Comments If you have ever rented a place in France, you know the frenetic tidying up that takes place before you hand back the keys and hope to recuperer la caution or get back your deposit check! Comment l'aider?

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Before showing up for my apartment check-out, I walked by a homeless woman. As is often the case, I only caught a part of what he was saying in French. Speak English! Max shut off the tap and cleared his throat. I really wanted to get that one back.

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Only, as soon as Max left home, the three of us remaining here reverted to snacking instead of dining. Max never did get another home-cooked meal to take back to his pad. Instead, he became creative in his own tiny kitchen. While packing the kitchen I noticed I had some leftover pasta and so I cooked it up for her. What did she look like? She wore a scarf. Max was not in the mood to talk so I quit firing off questions, even if I was curious about his "left over pasta" reasoning. It wasn't left over at all, it was still uncooked in the box It all reminds me of a tender quote:.

The heart has its reasons that reason does not know. Happy to have my son home again! Now to keep up with the cooking Went to the farmers market, this Friday morning, and bought a large green cabbage. Stuffed the leaves with sausage meat, breadcrumbs, egg, onion, garlic, carrot and kale. Baked it in white wine. He liked it! See more photos here at Instagram scroll down to the farmers market pics. Take a moment to read about this great Frenchman, and thank you for sharing this post with a friend.

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Humble and soft-spoken, he was driven by a "holy anger" and known for his passionate outbursts when speaking for the homeless. He once told Jean-Marie Le Pen to "shut up! His beliefs were sometimes unorthodox, as he felt that priests should be able to marry, that gays should be able to adopt, and that women should be able to be ordained.

It was a murderous winter for the homeless in Paris and an old woman had just been found frozen to death on the Boulevard de Sebastopol, an eviction notice still in her hand. Charlie Chaplin exiled in Paris at the time and made famous for his character the "Little Tramp" handed over many thousands of francs, with the explanation "the money belongs to the vagabond I portrayed". Where is…? Can you tell me the way to….? Roll the dice.