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One Friend in our group spoke of visiting Alaska Yearly Meeting in Kotzebue earlier this year, hoping to find common ground in our concern for the effects of climate disruption in Alaska. His experience was disappointing in that regard, but he finds hope in the connections he made with several Friends there. Another Friend spoke of the joy of meeting Friends from around the world at the World Gathering in Kenya and she recalled the powerful sense of unity when the Kabarak Call was approved by that body.

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Three amazing World Quaker Day points came out in the minute about this blessed life. He was one of the first Wilburite Conservative Friends who married "out of Meeting" in and was not disowned by his Monthly Meeting.

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In he found Georgana, the young woman who would become his wife, while he was working for the British Quaker's Rural Development Center project in India. John's is a life of faith fulness lived fully both in his monthly meeting and in the World wide company of Friends. Here is a link to El Salvador YM's report.

At the end of meeting for worship today, we asked Friends as they introduced themselves to say where else, and with what other branches of Friends, they had worshipped. And I'm sure I missed a few! Pero esto fue culpa de los padres que no transmitieron a los hijos la Palabra de Dios. Canto: Te pido la paz. Algunos significados de temperancia:.

We had arranged to do this together as part of Havana Friends' Church's year-long celebration of its 15th Anniversary. With Friends around the world, we celebrate our togetherness on World Quaker Day. We were just chatting about connecting with young quakers around the world at the upcoming FWCC conference in Peru!


We just wanted to let you know that we have some ideas regarding the consultation on youth work for your consideration. Evangelical, Programmed, Unprogrammed. Thank you so much, and happy World Quaker Day!!!!!! We were open all last weekend for folks walking across the bridge to Philadelphia to see the Pope; just a quiet potluck today after the corn stalks have been composted and harvesting of greens.


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Friends in these two Meetings have had close ties in the past. She and Anthony Manousos of Orange Grove Meeting had gotten to know each other at this Conference and have become friends. Deanna shared that she was relatively new to Quakerism--she had married a Quaker--when she went to Kenya for the World Conference and it was a life-changing experience. Anthony explained that "Quakers around the world are incredibly diverse ethnically, racially and theologically, but we are committed to being friends despite our differences and FWCC helps us to stay connected.

This was especially clear when we went to Kenya and saw the amazing work that Kenyans are doing to promote peace and nonviolence. Jill told the kids what she learned when she went to Mexico for the FWCC gathering, which was followed by a field trip conducted by the Casa de los Amigos. She and Anthony went to little village called Vicente Guerrero, where the Quakers had been involved since the s.

The children shared what they learned with the adults at rise of Meeting. Then we met in the library for a group picture. The adults in the picture of the children were Kindred Gottlieb and Jill Shook. Just after Rise of Meeting, the adults formed a circle of chatty people. The children quietly walked the sun around the circle, transforming each person present to a quiet worshipper until all were silent. Then, we gathered for a photograph together and enjoyed a potluck and time of fellowship.

I'd like to draw attention to the photo of Barbara Diehl, a lifelong Quaker who is 85 years old. The Forget-me-not is a traditional symbol of true love and remembrance, and on this World Quaker Day the Forget-Me-Not was an apt analogy of the love and Quakers near and far, living and departed. During worship we held Friends around the world in our thoughts and prayers, especially remembering those who have visited our meeting.

On Oct.

We have a common bond with Friends around the world in our commitment to work for peace and justice for people and the environment. After meeting for worship Friends listed Quaker meetings they had attended in other countries; many have visited meetings in Cuba through Puente de Amigos, New England's sister yearly meeting relationship with Cuban Friends.

We have also been blessed to have visits from Cuban Friends, including members of our sister meeting in Puerto Padre, Cuba. Our worship speaker was Charles Blue, the oldest member of our meeting, who spoke on Psalm 23 as a prayer of thanksgiving. We also spent time praising God in song and waiting in expectant silence. This Week's Specials:. Sarah Young.

Jen Wilkin.

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