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“Silento” is Spanish for… “Silent”?

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Author Keaton, Ashley. Type Poster. Abstract Since the passage of the Bill of Rights, every person in the United States is entitled to know and understand their rights to legal counsel and protection against self- incrimination.

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The Supreme Court decision in Miranda v. Arizona codified these entitlements in , but the adequacy of the Miranda translations into Spanish has been questioned for decades. Each Spanish word is explained individually, and translated, so you know what you are reading. If you don't have a Kindle or other device, you can buy the book, download it to your PC, and read it with the free Kindle Reader no need to download the Kindle Reader.

You access it through a web page at Amazon. Usted tiene el derecho de guardar el silencio Explanation of the words and phrases. Usted - the polite form of you, used when speaking to someone other than a close friend. All this is in one word.

Moving Forward: Protecting Defendants’ Rights

This is normal for Spanish. Usted - you.

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It is used for clarity and emphasis. Note how Spanish reverses the order of the words in English.

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This is because it is a question. Cualquier cosa - Anything. Disclaimer: The validity of this document has been verified with 2 competent translators.

Miranda Warnings.

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