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Some of their elaborate courtship displays are shown. Within the dense forest canopy , sunlight is prized, and the death of a tree triggers a race by saplings to fill the vacant space. Figs are a widespread and popular food, and as many as 44 types of bird and monkey have been observed picking from a single tree. The sounds of the jungle throughout the day are explored, from the early morning calls of siamangs and orangutans to the nocturnal cacophony of courting tree frogs. The importance of fungi to the rainforest is illustrated by a sequence of them fruiting, including a parasite called cordyceps.

The mutual benefits of the relationship between carnivorous pitcher plants and red crab spiders is also discussed. In the Congo , roaming forest elephants are shown reaching a clearing to feed on essential clay minerals within the mud.

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Finally, chimpanzees are one of the few jungle animals able to traverse both the forest floor and the canopy in search of food. In Uganda , members of a strong community of the primates mount a raid into neighbouring territory in order to gain control of it. This programme is devoted to the shallow seas that fringe the world's continents. As humpback whales return to breeding grounds in the tropics, a mother and its calf are followed. While the latter takes in up to litres of milk a day, its parent will starve until it travels back to the poles to feed—and it must do this while it still has sufficient energy left for the journey.

The coral reefs of Indonesia are home to the biggest variety of ocean dwellers. Examples include banded sea kraits , which ally themselves with goatfish and trevally in order to hunt. In Western Australia , bottlenose dolphins "hydroplane" in the shallowest waters to catch a meal, while in Bahrain , , Socotra cormorants rely on shamals that blow sand grains into the nearby Persian Gulf , transforming it into a rich fishing ground.

The appearance of algae in the spring starts a food chain that leads to an abundant harvest, and sea lions and dusky dolphins are among those taking advantage of it. In Southern Africa , as chokka squid are preyed on by short-tail stingray , the Cape fur seals that share the waters are hunted by the world's largest predatory fish—the great white shark. On Marion Island in the Indian Ocean , a group of king penguins must cross a beach occupied by fur seals that do not hesitate to attack them. The penultimate episode surveys the coniferous and deciduous seasonal woodland habitats—the most extensive forests on Earth.

Conifers begin sparsely in the subarctic but soon dominate the land, and the taiga circles the globe, containing a third of all the Earth's trees. Few creatures can survive the Arctic climate year round, but the moose and wolverine are exceptions. These include some of the world's tallest trees: the redwoods. Here, a pine marten is shown stalking a squirrel , and great grey owl chicks take their first flight. During spring in a European broad-leafed forest, a mandarin duck leads its day-old family to leap from its tree trunk nest to the leaf litter below.

The Bialowieza Forest typifies the habitat that characterised Europe around 6, years ago: only a fragment remains in Poland and Belarus. On a summer night on North America's east coast, periodical cicadas emerge en masse to mate—an event that occurs every seventeen years. After revisiting Russia's Amur leopards in winter, a time-lapse sequence illustrates the effect of the ensuing spring on the deciduous forest floor.

In India's teak forests, a langur monkey strays too far from the chital that act as its sentinels and falls prey to a tiger.

In Madagascar , mouse lemurs feed on the nectar of flowering baobab trees. The final instalment concentrates on the least explored area of the planet—the deep ocean.

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It begins with a whale shark used as a shield by a shoal of bait fish to protect themselves from yellowfin tuna. Also shown is an oceanic whitetip shark trailing rainbow runners.

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Meanwhile, a strong school of dolphins head for the Azores , where they work together to feast on scad mackerel along with a flock of shearwaters. Down in the ocean's furthest reaches, some creatures defy classification. On the sea floor, scavenger s such as the spider crab bide their time, awaiting carrion from above. The volcanic mountain chain at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean also sustains life through the bacteria that surround its sulphide vents.

There are thought to be around 30, undersea volcanoes , some of them taller than Mount Everest. Their sheer cliffs provide anchorage for several corals and sponges.


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Nearer the surface, the currents that surround these seamounts force nutrients up from below and thus marine life around them is abundant. Ascension Island is a nesting ground for frigatebirds and green turtles. Off the Mexican coast, a large group of sailfish feed on another shoal of bait fish, changing colour to signal their intentions to each other, allowing them to coordinate their attack.

The last sequence depicts the largest animal on Earth—the blue whale , of which , once roamed the world's oceans. Our planet is still full of wonders. As we explore them, so we gain not only understanding, but power. It's not just the future of the whale that today lies in our hands: it's the survival of the natural world in all parts of the living planet. We can now destroy or we can cherish. The choice is ours.

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The latter episodes were supplemented by Planet Earth: The Future , a series of three minute films that highlight the conservation issues surrounding some of the featured species and environments. The programmes are narrated by Simon Poland and the series producer was Fergus Beeley. In the United States, it became the first film to be released by Disneynature , the Walt Disney Company 's new nature documentary arm. Planet Earth received widespread critical acclaim.

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In , Planet Earth and its sequel were ranked 72nd on The Guardian ' s list of the best TV shows of the 21st century. Planet Earth was recognised by the American television industry, collecting the award for Nonfiction Series at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards in September and winning a further three prizes in technical categories at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

The credentials of the filmmakers, the size of the production, a high-profile marketing campaign and a primetime BBC One timeslot all resulted in Planet Earth attracting large audiences when it debuted in the UK in March The first episode, "From Pole to Pole", was watched by more people than any natural history programme since Attenborough and Fothergill's previous series, The Blue Planet , in The final six episodes attracted an average audience of 6.

The first three episodes screened back to back averaged 5. The popularity of the television series around the world translated into strong sales of associated Planet Earth merchandise. In addition, the brand was licensed to other companies to produce children's books, calendars, a board game, jigsaw s, stationery, cards, and more. It is presented in 5. Except for a small amount of extremely hard-to-obtain footage, [58] Planet Earth was filmed entirely in high-definition , and consequently became one of the first television series to take advantage of the new HD disc formats.

Four official tie-in volumes were published by BBC Books in and On 20 November , a two-disc soundtrack CD was released with a compilation of the incidental music specially commissioned for Planet Earth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For the sequel series, see Planet Earth II. For the franchise as a whole, see Planet Earth franchise. Main article: Planet Earth: The Future. Main article: Earth film. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. January Main article: Planet Earth II.

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