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The dough should form a ball and be fairly stiff, but you may need to scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl frequently to encourage the dough to come together around the hook. The dough above, having mixed at lowest speed for 3 minutes, has formed a ball; but there's very little visible gluten development. This dough has kneaded for 3 minutes on speed 2. Notice the visible gluten strands? That's your unbleached all-purpose flour at work.

It can be helpful to wet your hands periodically as you knead to prevent sticking, rather than using added flour. The temptation to add more and more flour needs to be resisted with rye dough; rye is always going to feel a little sticky and messy.

What Makes Rye Bread Jewish? | The Nosher

Scraping down the work surface frequently with a bench knife or bowl scraper will also help prevent sticking. Knead until the dough feels relatively smooth and strong, although still quite tacky about 10 minutes.

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We'll then pre-shape the dough and let it rest for 10 minutes; then shape the loaf and allow it to rise for another 40 to 45 minutes at about the same temperature. Beware: an extended rising time may lead to excessive sour flavor and a deterioration in the bread's structure. Scrape the dough out of the mixing bowl or off the counter with a bowl scraper and set it to rise in an oiled bowl. Cover the bowl to prevent drying out; or set the bowl in a bread proofer or other warm, moist location.

Jewish Rye Bread

If you have a microwave oven, this can be converted quite easily to a proof box by boiling some water in a cup in the microwave. Be sure to insert a wooden spoon, ice cream stick, or other porous non-metal object into the cup to prevent the boiling water from becoming super heated and exploding upward unexpectedly. It's also safer not to set the microwave timer for several minutes, and to heat the water just to the boiling point. Or you can boil water on the stove, then place it in the microwave to warm up your "proof box.

Place the stone on a low shelf, with a cast iron frying pan on the shelf right below it.

After the first rise, deflate the dough with a quick fold. Be sure to flour the work surface and your hands to prevent sticking. Cover the dough, and allow it to relax for 10 minutes before shaping. This rest will help protect the surface from ripping during the final shape. Note that the dough used in this shaping video is a simple white flour dough; very stretchy and resilient. You can't tug and stretch this rye dough in quite the same way. Take care to be as gentle as you can while shaping, and use enough flour to prevent your hands and the work surface from sticking to the dough. Rough handling can cause tearing in the surface of the dough that will persist all the way through the baking process.

Notice the pinching going on in the bottom left photo?

Jewish Rye Bread

This is only necessary if the bottom of your loaf hasn't sealed properly. Place the loaf on sprayed parchment on a baking sheet. You can also add a sprinkling of coarse cornmeal to the parchment, if you like the flavor and texture of cornmeal on the bottom of your rye bread. If you plan to bake the loaf on the baking sheet, place the parchment in the sheet, as you usually would.

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If you intend to bake the bread on a stone, place the parchment on the back of the baking sheet; the baking sheet will act as a peel as you slide parchment and loaf onto the stone when it comes time to bake. After 40 to 45 minutes the loaf should be sufficiently risen. Don't let it rise too long; a light poke on the surface of the dough will bounce back a little, but leave an indentation. While you check your dough for readiness, put some water on to boil. This will provide steam for the early part of the bake. Next, spray the surface of the loaf with water and sprinkle with additional caraway seeds, if desired.

And so I wanted to learn more, and I thought you all might to learn a little too.

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And so the dark, sweet-sour ryes of Lithuania are really every bit as Jewish as the light caraway ryes of southern Poland and Ukraine. The rye breads that managed to survive the journey to America were those that best lent themselves to American conditions, namely, low-percentage ryes that took advantage of the low cost and easy handling of the abundant wheat the European Jewish bakers found when they arrived here.

The high-percentage ryes that represented the taste of home for Jews from Lithuania, Belarus and northern Poland all but disappeared from American bakeries by the end of World War Two. I also enjoy foods with strong and distinctive flavors, and rye really offers that: a traditional rye bread gives me an intense and complex flavor profile that combines sweet, nutty and sour.

That rye bread equals caraway.

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  • In fact, rye has so many faces and flavor elements that to reduce it to that one astringent note is to do it a great injustice. The flavors and textures range from standards like Jewish Deli Rye and Boston Brown Bread to a French rye bread made with hard apple cider, a Polish yogurt rye, an amazing sweet-sour Latvian rye bread and that intensely sour Russian classic, Borodinsky.

    On rye? Heat the bread when you're ready to eat. Click here for instructions.

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