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The Impact of the Paper Industry

By removing a natural resource that has fantastic capabilities of absorbing carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gasses, we destroy the quality of the air we breathe. Forests have their own ecosystems as well, and trees play a significant role in many of them. It takes a healthy tree a minimum of 20 years before it can be cut down for timber to make paper.

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In this time frame, nature has moved in and inhabited the area. Increasing pollution and unnecessarily harming nature should be avoided at all costs. All it takes is one-acre of hemp to produce the same amount of paper it would typically take on a four-acre forest using traditional means of harvesting and planting new trees every couple decades.

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  7. This can all be done without needing to compromise or damage any of these already fragile natural ecosystems. Besides, less toxic chemicals are used when producing hemp paper, thanks to its much higher content of cellulose. This quality also gives the paper an added durability and further reduces the chance of it turning a yellowish color.

    With this outstanding number of favorable benefits, increasing the production of hemp paper is the perfect eco-friendly solution to incentivize the world into reducing the waste of limited natural resources, and its apparent advantages could also help fight back against the constant deforestation that is releasing billions of tons of CO2 into the air every year.

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    The Shocking Link Between Paper and Hemp - Woodland Paper

    Hemp Paper: The right choice for the environment. A Brief History on Hemp Paper Hemp is one of the earliest plants ever to be cultivated for textile fiber. The Benefits of Producing Paper Solely Using Hemp Advanced technology has significantly improved the way industrial hemp is farmed, making it much easier to make hemp paper.

    They are then processed to make a pulp, which is then spread into sheets, pressed, and dried to make paper. Hemp is a much more suitable plant for the production of paper, as it contains much higher percentages of cellulose. Cellulose is what gives plants their structure, and the higher a plant's cellulose content, the more suitable it is for paper production as less chemicals are needed to strip it down.

    10 potential uses for hemp paper

    In fact, up until the mid s, hemp was the primary material used to make paper. The United States Declaration of Independence was even written on hemp paper! It was also used by the Chinese in roughly AD to make the first true paper. In Europe, the primary use for hemp paper is to create rolling papers.

    Make Your Own Hemp Wraps and Papers!

    Because of its unique characteristics, hemp is able to add strength and resilience to especially thin papers, making it ideal for the production of rolling papers, which should be thin but relatively resistant. By using hemp, rolling paper producers are able to create especially thin papers that are still resistant enough to be handled and transported around in pockets, bags, etc.

    While hemp paper is nowhere near as popular as it was a few centuries ago, it is still used to produce stationary, only in much smaller numbers. In fact, up to 10 or 15 years ago, both smaller and larger paper produces manufactured paper with hemp content which was available even through big stationery suppliers like Staples. Today, hemp stationary is still produced by some paper manufacturers like Living Tree Paper and Greenfield Paper Company. While hemp may not be so popular in the production of regular stationary paper, it is still used to make a variety of art papers. For example, hemp papers make for very soft yet durable canvases, which many artists love especially when created posters and prints designed to withstand the test of time.

    Hemp art paper is usually sold off-white and unprimed.

    This is a scan of a corner of one 8x10 piece of paper that we made at the Hemp Hoe Down, at very close to actual size. The paper is slightly thicker than a standard piece of typing paper, and is rough to the touch, although its surface is smooth enough to write on with a ballpoint see below. This paper is quite suitable for hand-made greeting cards, or even for unique stationery. With longer processing in the beater, the individual fiber pieces would be less visible, and the the surface smoother.

    A little bleach, and the color becomes ivory or creamy. All of the solid material you see is hemp fiber. Note the "fringe", onionskin-thin hemp paper. I wrote on the sheet with both a ballpoint and a red marker, just to see how it took ink, and whether the marker would bleed badly. This picture is at about 2. At 1x, little bleed is apparent. Skip to content Making home made hemp paper.