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H.M.S. Saracen by Douglas Reeman

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H.M.S. Saracen

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HMS Superb 1954

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H.M.S Saracen

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Douglas Reeman

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The situation remained so tight that every ship and submarine en route to Malta was packed with extra goods. Patrol submarines like HMS Saracen were also expected to play their part:. During the last few days before we were due to sail from Gibraltar we used our ingenuity to discover ways of cramming stores into every corner of the submarine.

One of the fresh-water tanks and two of the internal trimming tanks were emptied, opened up and filled with tinned food. Boxes of assorted engine spares, torpedo detonators, ammunition fuses and more tinned food covered the deck space in the torpedo stowage compartment and paved the whole length of the passage-way as far as the control-room. With all this multiplicity of extra stores on board, I began to get worried about the trim. My slide-rule could not cope with the problem, so I gave up trying to calculate the answer and decided to rely on rule of thumb.