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The encounter lasted eight minutes and fifty-five seconds. The Naturals retained the title after Stevens scored the pinfall while using the ropes for leverage. The duration of the match was eleven minutes and fifty-eight seconds. In the final moments, Shocker went for a suplex off the top of a padded turnbuckle , however Daniels countered the move and instead performed his signature maneuver the Angel Wings to retain the X Division Championship. The first entrant was Roode, while the second was Gowen, who began the encounter.

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Abyss was the last entrant. Gowen was the first eliminated by Shark Boy. The Outlaw and James were the lasted eliminated simultaneously by Abyss, before it became a standard bout between Abyss and Killings. Killings bashed a steel chair over Abyss' head to gain a near-fall. Abyss went on to win after Killings jumped off the top turnbuckle and Abyss countered it into his signature maneuver the Black Hole Slam to become number one contender to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at twenty-six minutes and forty-five seconds.

Hard Justice (1988)

During the bout, Jarrett tried to use his signature guitar as a weapon, however was stopped by Ortiz. Styles instead tried to use it, but was also stopped by Ortiz. Styles then broke the guitar, preventing it from being used as a weapon. Jarrett earned a near-fall after performing Styles' own signature maneuver the Styles Clash.

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Later, Styles also gained a near-fall after performing Jarrett's own signature maneuver The Stroke. In the final minutes, Monty Brown interfered in the contest, performing the Pounce on Jarrett after Styles pushed him into Brown's path. While Ortiz was distracted by Brown, Styles covered Jarrett for a pin. Another referee came to make the count, however was stopped by Ortiz.

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This allowed Jarrett to hit Styles in the groin and place him on the top of a padded turnbuckle. A few moments later, Ortiz knocked Jarrett out after Jarrett shoved Ortiz, which allowed Styles to move from one turnbuckle to another, he then performed his Spiral Tap maneuver. Styles followed with the pinfall victory at nineteen minutes and thirty seconds to become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion for the third time. A total of people attended the event.

Regarding the main event, Keller felt it was a "PPV main event worthy match, the best of the night, but when a 20 minute Styles main event PPV match isn't four stars, it's not Styles's fault. He stated that the Gauntlet for the Gold was "above-average", but that it felt "clogged with undersized wrestlers who didn't look like legit contenders, exposing TNA's roster depth limitations in the heavyweight division.

It was reported following Hard Justice that Shane Douglas was originally supposed to handle interview duties for the show, but came down with the stomach flu and was replaced by Terry Taylor. Hardy was subsequently suspended for this and past instances of no-showing events. Abyss was given a fairly deep cut on the top of his head from being bashed with a steel chair by Killings that required stitches. Meanwhile, Killings cracked his front teeth after falling face-first onto a steel chair. Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes granted Jarrett his rematch, however made it a King of the Mountain match also involving Monty Brown, new number one contender Abyss, and a mystery "wild card" opponent.

Shane attacked and demanded a championship match against Daniels on the May 20 episode of Impact! On the May 20 episode of Impact! Defendants are presumed innocent and have a right to an attorney at each and every stage of the proceedings.

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Defendants are guaranteed certain constitutional rights, including the right to a trial, to cross-examine and confront the prosecutor's witness, to put on a defense, to remain silent, and to force the prosecutor to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. For certain minor violations, pleas of guilty can be made by mail or at the court office. Some summonses require a personal appearance as noted on the hard copy provided to you upon issuance of the notice to appear.

If you have any questions as to whether your personal appearance is required, feel free to contact the Clerk of the Court. Questions such as: How are law and justice connected? How do they interact? In what way are they distinct? In answering this question and assessing the relationship between law and justice it is essential to refer to some laws and cases. The Connection and Interaction of Law and Justice.

Many people believe that there is a close connection between law and justice. The main thing that connects law and justice is the origin and foundation of law. Law is related with nature and God; and its basement is that of justice. True justice is found in nature and nature has ordered what human beings should do and not to do. And where human beings search and found this from the nature include it in their law then human law is considered as holding justice and compatible with natural order.

In this respect the naturalist and positivists theory followers have their own view. That is the natural law theory followers argue that justice is the source and basement of law. Whereas the positivist theory followers argue that law is the source and basement of justice; and a rendered justice has its source from law. One way or another it can be taken that there is unbreakable tie between law and justice in terms of origin and foundation.

It is also widely accepted that justice is the result and effective implementation of law. Keeping in mind that there are some exceptional situations where there is a variance between law and justice, it is highly believed that justice is the proper implementation of law. Many people also assure the existence of justice where the law is properly implemented and government officials and everyone is standing for the effective and proper implementation the law.

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  • This aspect of nexus between law and justice can also be considered as another connection. In terms of freedom and equality John Rawls stated that a system of government, i. For a law to be considered as a just law and to say that a certain law is a means of serving justice it should primarily guarantee the freedom and equality of human beings. The Distinction between Law and Justice. Legal and political theorists since the time of Plato have wrestled with the problem of whether justice is part of law or is simply a moral judgment about law. There are no universal principles by which justice or injustice can be defined other than the way in which the government has made its laws.

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    • Thus, in different societies and under different authorities, justice is different. But looking into the current practical laws and situations of our world every government has its own different laws that are assumed to serve justice. It is particularly prepared to solve and address problems and fulfill needs in a given society. Laws are also enacted in the interest of the strong party.

      There are also times where law is serving as a manipulative device to oblige a society the will of government leaders. The mere fact that a law is proclaimed or enacted as a law by a government does not mean that it is just law. And there are a number of laws that contradict with natural law and justice. For example apartheid law is a law that is against the law of nature and entitles rights based on the color of human beings. It is totally against the law of nature and justice. In addition to this there are other laws which clearly contradict with natural law.

      Since every law has its own political, sociological, philosophical and historical background in a given society, it will definitely benefit and harm different groups in a society and cannot uniformly serve justice to all the society. Implementation of a law as it is written by government officials has also its own role in rendering justice.

      In order for freedom to flourish, people need to know what the law is and need to have confidence that officials will faithfully apply the law as it is written. If a police officer can arrest you because you have somehow violated his sense of justice and if a judge can convict you because she thinks that what you did was unjust, then you might be incarcerated for innocent behavior.

      There would be no predictability in such a system. Generally, there are some instances in which there exist a variance between law and justice. For the naturalists rights are rationally applicable to all human beings without any kind of difference of place, time and environment. And natural rights emanate from natural law.

      A judicial decision is only evidence of the law, the doctrine that judges always find the law and never make it, are not without an important purpose. The rights of nature are not dependent upon any moral principle or law. Positivists on the other hand believe that law is made by human beings and the law maker enacts a just law. The relationship between law and justice is unbreakable and there is a direct relationship between the two.

      It is also highly believed that they are two faces of a coin. And many people consider the proper implementation of laws as a justice. However, all laws are not just laws and entitle rights to all human beings. It cannot also uniformly treat all human beings. For example, apartheid law was not a just law in the sense that it is enacted to entitle human rights to individuals based on their race and colour.

      Individuals having a race and colour out of what is indicated in the law are not allowed to enjoy the rights even though they are human beings. And the law maker has just used the law as means of fulfilling its desire and the law in such case is not using as a means of serving justice. There are also other laws that violate the natural rights of individuals. TheDirector General dismissed more than two hundred employee according to this law.

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      The case was decided in favor of the defendant on majority vote. The employee appellant appealed to the Federal Supreme Court again the court confirmed decision of the lower court. The law simply gave a vast power to the Director and violates the natural right of fair hearing that is guaranteed under many international human rights instruments and even in the FDRE Constitution.