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Hersh leads an extremely ascetic life, the only pleasure he sometimes permits himself is playing sacred hymns on his violin, for which he is adored and secretly loved by Frayda.

or, Why Context Matters

As the curtain goes up, the Drachmas Doba, the wife, played by Liza Silbert come to visit Hersh, and the two families prepare to hold a treble celebration: In the first place, this is the fifth night of Hanukah, the eight-day Feast of Lights commemorating the Maccabean victories; in the second place, Hersh has just completed the writing of a scroll of the Law; in the third place, Mottel and Frayda are about to become engaged. They are interrupted by the intrusion of Uriel Masik Maurice Schwartz , who is none other than Satan in human guise: come to corrupt the godly Hersh.

Believing that a Jew nowadays could not be led away from God by suffering, as in the case of Job, nor by the desires of the flesh, as In the case of the non-Jew Faust, he proceeds to tempt Hersh with gold. He represents himself as a dealer in lottery tickets, and after much persuasion, aided by the others present, overcomes Hersh's scruples and sells him a ticket on trust.

And not content with having aroused In this godly man a lust for gold, he sows other seeds of evil by whispering to him that it is against Rabbinic law for a Jew to live more than ten years with a barren wife like Pese, and that he ought to divorce her and marry his young and beautiful niece Frayda.

Sure enough. Hersh wins the 50, ruble prize in the lottery, becomes rich, embarks upon large business ventures in partnership with Masik, who has become his adviser and inseparate companion, and under whose influence the degeneration of his character proceeds apace.

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He divorces Pese, with whom he has lived contentedly for twenty-two years, and marries Frayda, while giving her less attractive sister Zippa in marriage to Mottel. He neglects Frayda, whose grief at his changed attitude finally affects her mind. He becomes disrespectful and even brutal toward his aged father.

Satan, in response, pointed out the hedge of protection God had placed around Job's household and everything he owned. We see by this passage that in spite of his power and wicked agenda, the devil must ask permission when it comes to the life of the child of God, because God has placed a divine hedge of protection around His own. You can be oppressed to some degree, but if you are a Christian, neither the devil nor a demon can ever take control of your life.

When you placed your faith in Jesus Christ, you came under His protection. He placed His I. Bought with the blood.

Having said that, it doesn't mean the devil can't try to lure you out of God's protection and draw you into his web of deception. That's why, as a child of God, your objective should be to stay as close to the Lord as you possibly can-and keep as much distance between yourself and the devil as possible. On more than one occasion, the Scriptures refer to Satan as an accuser.

Revelation calls him "the accuser of our brethren who accused them before God day and night Satan wants you to believe that you are not worthy to approach God. But you are not approaching Him on the basis of your worthiness. You are approaching God on the basis of what Jesus did for you at the cross. Remember that, because the devil doesn't want you to know it. He wants to accuse you before God and keep you away from Him.

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The difference between Satan's accusations and the Holy Spirit's conviction is that Satan will always drive you from the cross. Jesus always will bring you to it. Colossians , speaking of what Jesus accomplished at the cross, says, "Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it. This means that each of us can be set free by the power of Jesus Christ.

Challenges, trials and crises come into all of our lives.


Why Doesn’t God Get Rid of the Devil?

Historically, many religious teachers in the US have been keen to downplay the physical characteristics of figures in the Bible, warning that such attention to the merely manifest might divert one from true spirituality. In colonial New England, Puritans differentiated themselves from Catholics by refusing to display Jesus, God, or the Madonna in their churches or on printed materials. Puritans were not absolute in their iconoclasm: they were fine with other representations, and regularly used small figures in educational books.

But to see the devil or one of his minions in the flesh was a terrifying experience, and one that could get you executed in the colonies. Throughout the 19th century, as new technologies allowed for the mass production and distribution of Bible images, some religious teachers worried that they could hinder the mission of the Church. One Presbyterian minister in New York City cautioned his congregants in the s not to trust the imagery of Jesus they saw in picture-book Bibles and on stained-glass windows.

In the Beginning

The world owns no material portraiture of His physical person. All the pictures of Christ by the great artists are mere fictions. Just as it was time for slavery to end, it was also time for women and men of colour to refuse the language and images that associated darkness with evil, and whiteness with good.

The theme of a universal Jesus has been a common response from American Christians to the question of what Jesus looked like. He was the son of God, not because of His external biological makeup, but because of His internal spiritual commitment. During the Civil War, one northern African-American, T Morris Chester, had announced that just as it was time for slavery to end, it was also time for women and men of colour to refuse the language and images that associated darkness with evil, and whiteness with good.

Nearly a century before Malcolm X gained notoriety for such claims, Chester asked his fellows to wield consumer power to effect change. By refusing the idea of the dark devil, Chester was going up against centuries of Christian iconography. Throughout medieval Europe, it was entirely regular to describe Satan as dark or black.

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The devil was everywhere in Salem in , and he could take any number of physical forms. The devil came as a Jew and as a Native American as well. In the 20th and 21st centuries, debates over how to depict biblical figures have grown louder and more contentious. In large part, this is because of the increased importance of visual imagery in US culture.