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You need to tell yourself that you are a beautiful human being, no matter how you look and slowly as your sense of self worth will rise so your desire to look outwardly attractive return back to you. Life is not only about looking good; feeling good is the most important part of life. All silly self created patterns fall out when you feel good. So just work on yourself. It will happen. I am a year-old girl and have a boyfriend who has been physically and emotionally abusive all through our relationship.

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Now that the date or our marriage has been fixed, I am suddenly beginning to get nervous about the whole issue. Marriage seems too permanent to handle at the same level. We all as human beings have to first and foremost learn to respect ourselves, only then will we be respected by others around us. But if we allow someone to constantly abuse us in any way we are certainly not showing much respect towards ourselves. Do try and change your way of thinking. Help him to change his habits and only then think of marriage with a man like that.

This is a serious decision involving many families and not just two individuals. So please sort him and yourself out properly before taking the plunge. We met on the campus, fell in love and made a commitment. We are both from different communities and religions but both of us believe that this is not an important issue. The problem is that my wife wants to have her own way in every situation. My family gives in to her whims and fancies just to maintain peace in the house but her demands on them and on me emotionally seem to be growing more by the day.

I am extremely disturbed and cannot concentrate on my work at all. How can I maintain peace in this situation, please advise?

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Nirmal Malhotra, Panchkula Young man, put your act together and take a stand somewhere. It is clear that you are living in a joint family and are trying to play the balancing act between your parents and your wife and are also feeling very caught up in the situation. Well, since you fell in love and got married, she should understand your position. On the other hand make her feel important and emotionally secure so that she does not feel the need to dominate in order to make her place in your family.

I realize it is a difficult situation but then all relationships carry their own level of responsibility and need to be handled accordingly. Play a bit mature, do not allow the situation to disturb you life is wonderful experience. Live it. Rush in your queries to Renee at lifestyle tribunemail. This one is topped with 50 minutes of spine-chilling special effects.

New-age director Ashu Y. The film reaches acme of perfection with its heart-warming story. The casting is perfect too. Dia Mirza does a good job.

Aadesh Srivastava comes up with a brilliant score. Hats off to producer Subi Samuel for producing such a different film. I liked the experience and started doing professionally for making some extra money. Having anchored for movie promotions, game shows and street shows with KFC, Pidilite Fevicol, Coke, Pepsi, Yamaha and other big brands at Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar, this young lad seems to have his hands full with assignments.

And all these find the best manifestation in anchoring. Plus, I end up making Rs. But how about the bitter pills that come along the cookies? I have to work upon the scripts, add humour and the local flavour. So friends, forget those call centres and tutoring the kids. Follow your heart for making those extra bucks. Fun with Fashion Gone with the wind Anandita Gupta As the violent heat hisses and snorts, swirling down the road, clutching and clinging to everything it touches, it seems to sap away all life from our bodies.

Surely rendering that creamy complexion a depressing pale and that ice-rink smooth skin totally parched. So, all those glam goddesses in the city, how would spruce up those looks of yours? That vast sprawl of moisturisers and cosmetics on your dressing table is of course there, but how about adding some drama in what you wear?

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Surely, its gonna be a stunner and we tell you how to pull up a brilliant act. Winds of change Ever felt the free flowing winds buffeting softly against your face? Whistling sweet songs of love, murmuring merrily? So, capture their drama. Yes, typify the light-hearted spirit of the wind by using it as an inspiration for the colours, textures and fits that you flaunt Colours Let your wardrobe breathe in some fresh air, oops, winds!

As we know, winds are experienced, rather than seen. So they translate into a beautiful sensorial experience in fashion. There are no specific colours associated with the wind, yet aqua tones like sapphire blue, aquamarine, blue topaz and turquoise manifest the limpid essence of wind. Wear them and let them effect an air of breezy romance.

Textures and fits Soft drapes can be made to slide down gracefully along your curves. Floating and flared silhouettes in wispy chiffons, georgettes and cotton silks are ideal to convey the sense of flowing ease that characterizes the wind. Details Embellishments form an integral part of an outfit. With wind as your theme, what you can do is to go for lace trimmings, ribbons, sequins and pleats for a timeless wind-like flowing allure. Pamela, 38, also admits she is a bit of a homebody who loves spending time at home with kids.

According to contactmusic. It ran for one season on HBO. She Kudrow is a great performer and producer, and he is a terrific writer, so the two are a great team. Simpson took friends along to make sure that she would not get back to alcohol. Crow finished her treatment just six weeks ago and was keen on returning to the stage, contactmusic.

It was a powerful experience for me. My films have not really been mainstream. To hell and back Hell broke loose at Athena on Saturday afternoon! Right guys, it was party with a difference. And adding charm to the ecstatically-sober environs were so many young couples dressed in black. Come hell or high water, pretty damsels descended upon the floor in short and mini skirts with twin slits on either side, teamed with backless chollis or tops with plunging necklines.

If guys got the impression of heaven being a place in hell, they were more than happy about it.

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