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Why No One Went Home on 'Dancing With the Stars' Disney Night - 'DWTS' Elimination Results

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Buy from our partners. Meet Sasha King, a down-to-earth young writer who finds herself working inside a world that both repels and fascinates her: Project Icon, the once-mighty TV talent show that's taken a hit in the ratings. In an attempt to get back on top, the show has recently hired two new celebrity judges, entrepreneur-actress-singer Bibi Vasquez and rock legend Joey Lovecraft, a priapic wild man who doesn't even own a TV it goes against the teachings of his guru, Tibetan high lama Yutog Gonpo.

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In addition to the demands of the new judges, Sasha has the task of handling frighteningly robotic host Wayne Shoreline who may or may not eat puppies as part of his pre-show prep , young would-be idols including the foul-mouthed Mia Pelosi and the chaps-wearing Jimmy Nuggett , muckraking gossip columnists, and the powerful executive of a competing reality TV talent show. The combination of characters will leave readers swimming in a cocktail of pure crazy: Project Icon. In Elimination Night, we get a peek at the deliciously outrageous machinations -- the ego clashes, meltdowns, and cover-ups -- that take place behind the scenes of the talent shows we've become addicted to.

Elimination: Night 1

The details of their inner workings are so accurate that the book had to be written anonymously. As always, they performed in front of three expert critics, judges Len Goodman , Bruno Tonioli , and Carrie Ann Inaba , hoping to get rave reviews.

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So which star shined brightest on movie night? Keep scrolling for the full recap and results, and to find out which celebrity went home on Dancing with the Stars!

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Once again she was called out for losing the musicality and having her arm and shoulder a little high, but the judges were impressed with her show opening performance. After setting the high score last week, she was called out for not having enough "hip action" in her rumba, even though she does well with the lyrical dancing.

http://fran.dev3.develag.com/fallin.php Get the full recap and results right here! Unfortunately, they still have yet to get more than a 5 from Len. Bruno called James a "real gentleman" and Carrie Ann saw "so much poetry in the way [James] moved. So it was no surprise that Kate and Pasha danced a quickstep to Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" that got the ballroom cheering.