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George did an amazing job, and provided a unique experience for our wedding guests. I am so glad he was part of our special day, and I would hire him again in a heart beat. One of the best choices I made!

George was a huge hit at our wedding! We contracted him for four hours, but he was so busy he was willing to stay extra hours. George's drawings were fantastic and I loved how he incorporated personality into each piece. Thanks, George!!!

Excellent service, would highly recommend and will definitely use him again!! The kids at my daughters sweet 16 party loved their caricatures!! Thanks again!

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George was awesome. Literally his work speaks for itself! George is an excellent artist who cares about his work. He was pleasant and interested in producing quality drawings for our company.

How to draw funny caricatures

George was great! He was on time and very professional. His art work was great and our guest enjoyed him. We would hire him again!!

L’art de la caricature

Are you planning a special event? Are you looking for entertainment for a birthday party, wedding reception, or other special gathering?

Send me a message about your plans, and I will get back to you soon! If you can write you can draw Read this: If you can write, you can draw. You see, it's a skill that can be learned like reading, writing, or driving a car. This is a fact. Some people just stumble on to some of these skills very naturally and at an early age. Others it seems, take a little more digging.

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The Picassos of the world. Most of those folks - these Picasso types - who stumbled on to at least a few of these skills as kids, well that little bit of skill got them noticed. It was all this extra training and attention built around those early discoveries that helped launch them into the art world stratosphere. But you can be shown those very basic skills they built their mastery on and without devoting your entire life to it - and still make money doing it.

But you just want to draw for fun? Maybe you have the drive and vision to become - who knows - the next Picasso. However far you want to take it, that's up to you!

Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Face

But you can learn if you want to. Cartooning and caricature have a lot in common. They both exaggerate reality and both aim to mimic reality in a unique style.

A Caricaturist’s Handbook

The first chapter details basic fundamentals including materials, workflows, and practice regimens. Later chapters get into the art of caricature and visual storytelling. The book totals over 50 different exercises with dozens of examples to impress and inspire. The exercises alone should help you improve but the various tips and techniques scattered throughout this book can also make an impact. These exercises come directly from his experience learning to caricature by studying faces and adjusting minor details. If you put in the hours working from life and practicing as you go along then your caricatures will improve.

Cartooning the Head and Figure is not strictly a caricature book. Most of these exercises revolve around anatomy and human features like hands, postures, and facial expressions.

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  6. These exercises push you right into the pool to get your feet wet. But the step-by-step lessons also make this a bit easier for beginners. This is a classic intro book for any cartoonists or caricaturists. It is a bit dated but the concepts have not changed at all. Learning to draw is really about learning to see and copy. What makes this book different is the level of detail and teaching style. Drawing Caricatures is super friendly towards beginners and it feels much more like an open ended guide to caricaturing rather than a tutorial.