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Immorality at Harvard. Polarized Society. Speculative Currency Attacks. The Big Bang. War Profiteering.

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Islamic WorldView. Modern Miracles. It is simply amoral. Economy and morality belong, in the pascalien sense, to two different orders, and trying to conjugate both together comes close to "barbarism", calls remind us the author of the excellent essay: Is capitalism moral?

The Pope or the Quran? - AZ: Newspaper & Short Articles

Published: Albin Michel. But even for those who do not believe in the divine order, they should be tempted, as the pope is visiting France, to look for some references on the economy in the Vatican literature. Because, should our bankers, eager for profitability on stockholders' equity, had respected, for at least a little , the Sharia, we would not be in this situation.

You ought not to see the Islamic finance as an exercise of medieval barter , because the countries of the Gulf showed us how much their entrepreneurship mentality knew how to take on the XXIst Century. By the final year of the conflict, the BBC was the medium by which Britons came to understand the war. Massive growth in the news staff and structural changes to the network were instrumental in this transformation.

Carnet du Groupe de recherches et d’études sur la radio (GRER)

From just two reporters before the war to the 19 who covered the D-Day landing, to the new recording technology, including portable disc recorders, the BBC invested heavily in the infrastructure of news. Under A.

ISBN 13: 9782711619733

In the pre-war BBC, it was an article of faith that news announcers should all sound the same and remain anonymous. But anxiety over the risk of enemy impersonators taking over the airwaves led to news announces identifying themselves … This identification allowed for greater intimacy between listener and the announcer although it was of course true that they all sounded the same p. The chronological structure of the book affords Chignell an opportunity to characterize the big changes in radio formats, BBC departmental organization, and historical events that compel changes in coverage.

But it also tends toward oversimplification, especially in the later chapters, which are organized around a single decade and single theme: decline in the post-war era, reinvention in the 60s, uncertainty in the 90s, and so forth.

While these themes are often borne out in the excellent close readings of specific programs and presenters, they also have a tendency to narrow the complexity of influences — personal, institutional, and cultural — bearing on the changes being wrought in radio news and current affairs. In fact, the chapters themselves often speak to this complexity, even at the cost of staying true to the theme and time period of the chapter title.

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The radio talk had its greatest examination, and its moment of glory, in the wartime radio talks of J. Mary Goldring, the Thatcheresque — and perhaps Thatcherite — presenter, then lead presenter, of the current affairs program Analysis, epitomizes the seriousness of this era in current affairs programming.