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Reactions of astrologers today Today astrologers react to the Gauquelin work in two conflicting ways. The first is to overstate the link between Gauquelin's positive results and astrology. For example Mike Harding says "This proof [of astrology] has been made in the face of the harshest demands of statistics" Astrological Journal 39 6 , 17, But astrologers do not claim that astrology fails to work for half the planets, for signs, for aspects, for transits, for character, or for the The second is to dismiss Gauquelin's results as irrelevant.

For example James Holden says "his work was very narrow in scope" History of Horoscopic Astrology , AFA , as if Gauquelin had never tested what astrologers actually did or had no understanding of astrology.

Bibliography of Astrology Page 130, Mora – Morin, Jean-Baptiste

Not for nothing had Gauquelin read astrology books while still a teenager! His Astrology and Science shows a stupendous scholarly grasp of astrology's history, principles, and related cosmic influences that has never been bettered in a single book. His Neo-Astrology contains what could be the most succinct description of astrological principles and their disconfirmation ever published.

To dismiss his findings as irrelevant is absurd. In fact an often-cited point made in by Arthur Mather is as relevant today as it was then: "Both those who are for and against astrology in the broadest sense as a serious field for study recognize the importance of Gauquelin's work. Baffling planetary puzzles Gauquelin's work simultaneously discredited astrology and replaced it with weak planetary effects of no practical use. Despite their tiny effect sizes, planetary effects attracted a huge controversy about whether they were real and if real what caused them. In effect there was total disagreement on whether planets could affect people.

But planetary effects create far more intriguing puzzles than this, and it is these puzzles that are the real challenge of the Gauquelin work and the real legacy of his astonishing labour. Furthermore, as shown below, planetary effects are just as puzzling for astrology as they are for science.

For astrology the puzzles include: Why only diurnal position and not signs or aspects, why traditionally weak positions cadent houses and not strong ones, why occupation and not character, why does the occupation effect disappear at low eminence and sometimes diminish at the highest eminence, why does it sometimes deviate from tradition eg Moon instead of Mercury for writers , and why only five planets Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and not the Sun and other planets?

Indeed, why an effect in the first place if isolated factors really are as meaningless as some astrologers claim? And why such a small effect? For science the puzzles include: Why no link with physical variables such as size and distance Figure 3 , why no link with the sun, why is eminence important, why an effect only at birth, why contrary to all expectation is the effect larger for rounded birth times, and why does it disappear when the birth is induced or surgically assisted?

Why is it enhanced if geomagnetic activity is high at birth or if both parents have the same planet emphasized? Since physical influences are present all the time, what is so special about those at birth, why is the link with birth and not with conception or the onset of labour?

Indeed, why an effect in the first place? What evolutionary advantage could it confer? Figure 3. Transit of Venus. In astrology Venus is entirely equal, as it were, to the Sun. But not to those who watched the transit of Venus in June Nor in the Gauquelin work, where Venus has an effect but the Sun does not.

See Part 2 for more on these puzzling differences. For more than fifty years these puzzles have defied explanation.

They seem totally and utterly baffling. Together with artifacts they are explored in Part 2. Michel Gauquelin explained very briefly how it all started when he was interviewed in California by parapsychologist D Scott Rogo in after the publication of Truth about Astrology. Rogo, who was also a consulting editor to Fate magazine, describes the meeting as follows:. We met in his [Gauquelin's] Beverly Hills hotel room. I found him to be a charming, thoughtful and critical-minded man who clearly enjoys his work.

I was interested in learning how he became interested in astrology in the first place. I don't know why.

My father was interested in astrology, but just for fun. He was a dentist. I learned to calculate a chart but when I was 16 I began to wonder, if maybe the whole subject as rubbish? So what could I do? I discovered some books by French astrologers who had tried to put astrology on a scientific and statistical basis. The first thing I did was try to replicate their work; I failed.

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By the age of ten, I was begging my father to show me how to calculate the ascendant of an astrological theme. This was during the "disaster" of ; my family, fleeing from the Germans, had taken refuge in the south of France for several months, leaving everything they owned behind them. However, I eagerly learned the laws of horoscope.

At the age of fifteen, together with a boy who has remained my best and most trusted friend, I cut classes at the Lycee Charlemagne to cross over the Seine and ferret through old Mr Chacornac's astrological bookstore opposite Notre Dame de Paris. We had no money to buy books, so we read them there in the store. By the age of seventeen, I had devoured more than a hundred works on astrology and I was drafting my own "Treatise" during the tedious hours of French-Latin classes.

One day the teacher caught me at it. He read my youthful compendium and was quite disconcerted by it. Shrugging his shoulders, he returned my work to me and predicted that I would fail the baccalaureat examination, which was rapidly approaching.


I have kept this notebook with its hard gray cover, my first "Treatise. Yet basically, I had absorbed all the mysteries of the horoscope. A childish game, a waste of time -- who knows? Until then, I had never asked myself this question: is all of this true? The limited success my predictions had earned me among my classmates, who had nicknamed me Nostradamus, and the small prestige which my specialty bestowed on me from very young persons of the opposite sex, were an ample reward.

But the insatiable intellectual hunger that compelled me to read everything published about astrology was soon overcome by my desire to gather so many horoscopes that all skepticism would crumble under the weight of this proof. I had discovered skepticism, not only in others, but also deep within myself.

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I could quote Descartes' first principle: Never accept anything as true unless I clearly and obviously know it to be true. But this would be deluding my readers and myself. One tends to rationalize afterward what has happened. I had at the very most a feeling that perhaps the astrological tree was concealing a forest of emptiness. Assurances from the astrologers I met were unrelated to the complex nature of the problem. It is true that for them there was no problem, and I found it increasingly difficult to tolerate their palaver.

Was their proof only in their imaginations? I decided to look for proofs and, if possible, to collect them.