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Desert Tortoise. Dragonfly and Damselfly. Duck-billed Platypus. Dung Beetle. Dwarf Mongoose. Fennec Fox. Fischer's Lovebird. Fishing Cat. Frog and Toad. Giant African Millipede. Giant Anteater.

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Giant Panda. Gila Monster. Goat and Sheep.

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Golden Eagle. Goliath Frog. Gouldian Finch. Guam Rail. Guinea Pig. Hamadryas Baboon. Harpy Eagle. Honey Badger Ratel. Kangaroo and Wallaby. Komodo Dragon. Laughing Kookaburra. Leopard Gecko. Leopard Shark. Lord Howe Island Stick Insect. Lory and Lorikeet. Lynx and Bobcat. Magpie Goose.

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  • Matschie's Tree Kangaroo. Metallic Starling. Mountain Lion Puma, Cougar. Naked Mole-rat.

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    Nile Lechwe. Nubian Ibex. Painted Dog. Panamanian Golden Frog. Pancake Tortoise.

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    Poison Frog. Polar Bear. Prairie Dog. Przewalski's Horse. Pumpkinseed Sunfish.

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