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Then and only then, hope will come today. Today we use million barrels of oil every single day. The original hymn did not gain great favor, but twenty-four of the lines were rewritten by W. With a few changes this hymn has found a place in many leading hymn books, as The Hymnary, Hymns Ancient and Modern, and many others. It has been translated into many languages. There are three Latin versions. Frances R. Havergal wrote this hymn on February 4, , in eleven two-line stanzas.

She states:.

Danke schön

There were ten persons in the house, some unconverted and long prayed for, some converted, but not rejoicing Christians. Before I left the house, every one had got a blessing. The last night of my visit after I had retired, the governess asked me to go to the two daughters. They were crying, etc. Care should be taken in singing it to bring out the tenor part, which forms a perfect canon in the octave with the treble. For this reason the usual pauses at the ends of lines must be omitted. This hymn is found in all the leading hymn books.

It was given this name in The Lutheran Hymnal in order to commemorate the birthplace Tesin of Juraj Tranovsky, who included both hymn and tune in his Tranoscius. See: These are the holy ten commands. Instantis adventum Dei. Poscamus ardenti prece,. Festique munus inclytum. Praeoccupemus canticis. Aeterna proles feminae.

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Non horret includi sinu;. Fit ipse servus, ut iugo. Nos servitutis eximat. Mansuetus et clemens venit;. Occurre, festina, Sion:.

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Ultro tibi quam porrigit,. Ne dura pacem respuas. Mox nube clara fulgurans.

Mundi redibit arbiter,. Suique membra corporis.

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Caelo triumphator vehet. Fetus tenebrarum, die. Cedant propinquo crimina;. Adam reformetur vetus,. Imego succedat novi. Qui liberator advenis,. Fili, tibi laus maxima. Cum Patre et almo Spiritu. Debilis cessent elementa legis;. Sat diu mentes timor occupavit;. Foedus aeterni stabilire Iesus. Coepit amoris. Sole de vero radius, paterni. Luminis purus sine nube splendor,. Probra peccati puer ecce tinctus. Samguine praefert. Stillat excisos pueri per artus.

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Efficax noxas abolere sanguis:. Obligat morti pretiosa totum. Stilla cruorem. Haec dies nomen tibi comparavit,. O puer, pronus quad adoret orbis,. Et simul dici, simul ipse Iesus. Incipis esse. Summa laus Patri, simul aequa Nato,. Qui suo mundum redimit cruore;.

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Par sit amborum tibi laus per omne,. Spiritus, aevum.

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Iam satis mentes timor occupavit. The version above is from the Paris Breviary, The translation is an altered form of that which was made by the compilers of Hymus Ancient and Modern, Hilf, Gott, dass wir nicht schlafen,. Von deinem Angesicht. Da werden wir mit Freuden. Den Heiland schauen an,. Der durch sein Blut und Leiden. Den Himmel aufgetan,. Die lieben Patriarchen,. Propheten allzumal,. Die werden uns annehmen. Uns mengen mitten ein. Wir werden alle treten. Zur Rechten Jesu Christ,. Als unsern Gott ambeten,.

Der unsers Fleisches ist. Gott wird sich zu uns kehren,. Und herzen freundlich drauf,. Mit Gaben mildiglich. Die rechten Saitenspiel;:.