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A kick to the ribs lurched him from the dream, and the woman slipped away from him, again The heart of the animal rescue world lies in its stories—of freedom, of love, and of sacrifice by those who not only acknowledge but embrace the human-animal bond and its wondrous gifts. In our first rescue story compilation, Who Chains You Books is pleased to offer a look into the emotional lives of rescuers and the living beings they hold dear. Most of us have experienced being made fun of or called names that hurt our feelings. In its third edition, author Sandra Biersdorfer adds playful song lyrics and talks about the real Ethel who inspired the tale.

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Perfect for ages 7 and up, The Kitty with the Itty-Bitty Tail will delight readers big and small, and fit flawlessly into school humane education and bullying programs. Buy in Paperback Buy on Kindle Note, the kindle version is the illustrated story—not a coloring book—as it's digital. Want Higher Quantities for Classroom Use?

Ranger tells the kids about his hopes and dreams, and how he was ultimately saved from a life no dog should have to suffer.

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By the end of his tale, his fans will be smiling and proclaiming themselves to be Happy Dogs right along with him. The coloring book also features six pages of Happy Activities for kids, including a maze, connect the leash, and draw a tail on the pup. Perfect for all ages from 3 and up, this makes an incredible addition to any and all classroom humane education efforts. Plus: get a FREE. Buy in Paperback Buy on Kindle.

Little Conner was born on the 3rd day of June, to a proud mama cow, one warm afternoon. His mom gently cleaned him, as a good mother would, then he wiggled and wobbled, until finally he stood. She gave him soft kisses on his velvety head, then faintly he mooed; Conner now needed fed. When his tummy was full, he took a nap at her feet.

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But his dreams were cut short by the cries of another; someone was taking a calf from his mother! Conner stayed silent as he cowered in fear; he looked up at his mom as the human drew near…. What will Courageous Conner do now? Will he lose the mother he holds dear? Find out in this lyrical rhyming story from author Heather Leughmyer, part of her Kindness to Animals Series. Perfect for ages 6 and up, and excellent for both humane education and library and family story time.

It was a gorgeous summer day in Central Park, and Smidge and her brother Ridge had time to share one last adventure before it was time to grow up, as Mama Pidgey primly informed them. Yuk, where was the fun in that?! Wanna be real birds, and scavenge the park for seeds, or go see if Mrs.

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Ridge rubbed his belly. The two were so intent on their scramble for treats that when they heard the first squawks of protest, they assumed it was just a squabble over a savory morsel. Soon the cries became louder and more frantic, and more birds joined the chorus.

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But it was too late—a black sack came down over their heads, engulfing them both and turning their world to darkness…. Includes Vocab Builders, as well as information about the very real threat to pigeons, and what you can do to help these wonderful birds. Nobody noticed the egg hatching; the youngster stretched and looked around, feeling small and all alone. He was greeted by row upon row of snails just like him, as far as the tiny eye could see. Soon upward movement caught his gaze: a group of snails was creeping up a nearby pipe towards the ceiling!

Moe decided he wanted life to be an adventure, so he latched on for parts unknown…and ended up on a journey much bigger than one little snail could imagine. Will Moe find a safe, loving—and most of all—fun place to call his own?

This small book full of big heart is perfect for the classroom, humane education work, and family reading time for children 6 and up. Thanks for listening. Anna closed her podcaster app and put the microphone down. She and Molly had been best friends since second grade, and now the two girls ran a blog and podcast called The Returned, which helps returned shelter dogs find new, loving homes and families.

With three successful adoptions under their belts, the girls are preparing for their next adoption mission. When Chewy, a yellow labrador, is dropped at the shelter, Anna and Molly become determined to find her a happily-ever-after of her very own. Will Anna find out who is behind the threat? Will Chewy find the forever home she deserves? The Akita was massive, a fine example of the breed—with the single exception of his current physical state: skeletal, matted, and attached to a cement post by a thick logging chain. He refused to let those things bother him, however; they were mere nuisances, after all.

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What mattered most to him was that any of his captors—the men in black—who crossed his path would die. His mind may have been jumbled, with memories of the past escaping him—but he knew one thing for sure: he was more than this beast on a chain. Knew he was born for greater things, knew he mattered somewhere; if only he could get back to wherever, whatever, whenever that was.

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Muffin was enjoying the peace and quiet of her yard when Mom and Dad excitedly called out to her. Where were they taking her? When Dad pulled into the parking lot, Muffin became a little nervous, because this was somewhere new. The smells were not familiar: peanut butter, apple, stuffed doggie toys.

It seemed to follow her everywhere. She kept moving, but the shadow haunted her. What was the shadow, and will Muffin get free of it? Just right for ages , the book is wonderful for classroom and humane education, too. In our second rescue story compilation, Who Chains You Books is pleased to share a glimpse into the emotional lives of animal rescuers and the living beings they hold close. Join us for another helping of heartwarming anecdotes, as Clancy triumphs, Tallulah escapes, Alex survives, and a host of other animals steal our hearts. Wulff, Liz Woloski, and Joe Maringo.

Doodle Bug huddled with her sisters on the cold concrete floor. Suddenly, the light in the hallway changed as the front door opened. Doodle Bug and her sisters crammed their faces against the chain link of the kennel, desperate to see what was happening. A woman with kind eyes stopped in front of their cage, smiling sweetly down at the three sisters.

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Their tails began to thump Will Doodle Bug and her sisters get the happily-ever-after they hope for? Sweet little Dandelion lived all alone; her bed was a barrel, her companion, a bone. The soft green grass had been slowly replaced; leaving dirt behind in the path that she paced. Both are great.

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And of course bring whatever beverages and snacks you like. Tell Judy Carla sent you. What else is there to say?

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