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In the kitchen of the Boulder Abortion Clinic, the abortionist bolts down two microwave tamales. He talks fast and doesn't smile. It is my view that we are dealing with a fascist movement. It's a terrorist, violent terrorist movement, and they have a fascist ideology He goes on like that for some time. Long before the first doctor got shot back in , he was warning that it would happen. He was getting hate mail and death threats way back in , just for working in family planning. They started up again in , two weeks after he helped start the first nonprofit abortion clinic in Boulder.

I started sleeping with a rifle by my bed. I expected to get shot. In , someone threw a brick through his window during a protest by the quote unquote Pro-Life Action League. In , somebody fired five bullets through his window.

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In , the American Coalition of quote unquote Life Activists put out a hit list with his name and Tiller's name on it. The feds gave them protection for about six months, then left them on their own. People don't get it, he says. After eight murders, seventeen attempted murders, death threats, assaults, and four kidnappings, people are still in denial. They say, Well, this was just some wingnut guy who just decided to go blow up somebody. This was a cold-blooded, brutal, political assassination that is the logical consequence of thirty-five years of hate speech and incitement to violence by people from the highest levels of American society, including but in no way limited to George W.

Reagan may not have been a fascist, but he was a tool of the fascists. George W. Bush was most certainly a tool of the fascists. They use this issue to get power.

They seem civilized but underneath you have this seething mass of angry, rabid anger and hatred of freedom that is really frightening, and they support people like the guy who shot George — they're all pretending to be upset, issuing statements about how much they deplore violence, but it's just bullshit. This is exactly what they wanted to happen. He goes on about Bill O'Reilly for a while.

Over the course of twenty-nine separate shows, O'Reilly accused "Tiller the Baby Killer" of performing a late abortion for any reason at all, even so a girl could attend a rock concert — a charge that is blatantly untrue. O'Reilly is a disgrace to American society, he says. But O'Reilly says he's just exercising his right to engage in vigorous debate, you point out. He's full of shit.

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This is not a debate, it's a civil war. And the other people are using bullets and bombs. It's odd, you say, trying to be agreeable. They always go after the doctors. They never go after the moms. By the way, he hates the word abortionist. Though it is a simple descriptive term like "podiatrist," the opponents of abortion have turned it into a degrading and demeaning word that has the same negative connotations as the most despicable racial epithet. All the same, it is the right word, an accurate word, and our discomfort with it is but a measure of how poisoned the language of abortion has become.

Late that night, he calls you at your hotel. This one argues that man is a "malignant ecotumor" laying waste the planet. One of the main characteristics of a cancerous growth is that it resists regulation.


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A cancer cell is a cell that reproduces without limits. He's sorry, he says, but he must turn down your request to ride in his car to the Tiller memorial in Denver. He has to go with four U. Even his wife can't ride with him. Same with dinner in a restaurant. I will never be safe, he says. I'm always looking over my shoulder. You use the term "partial-birth abortion" and he bristles.

It's a barbaric and grotesque term for a procedure that was described at National Abortion Federation meetings in the early nineties by two doctors who didn't take the deadliness of the psychological warfare seriously, and then the Republicans took it up and it became this obscene and basically pornographic antiabortion pornography with pictures that made it look like you were killing this beautiful Gerber baby — and when he tried to tell his colleagues, No, this is not the safest way to perform a delayed abortion, they accused him of working with the antiabortion people and basically rode him out on a rail.

The whole thing turned into a tumultuous, writhing, tortured witch hunt — an incredibly painful experience. Nothing pains him more than the disdain of other doctors. Sometimes the young ones ask to come in for an afternoon so they can learn to make a little money while their careers get started — they think it's as simple as changing a tire. There's no sense that this is an important operation that has to be done well, that a person's life depends on it.

But let's face it, abortion is the lowest-status activity in medicine. That's why they always call their clinics Family Planning Centers or Women's Wellness Facilities or some crap like that. Not his place. It's had the same name since Because I felt that performing abortions was the most important thing I could do in medicine. The patients can be upsetting too. They're under terrible stress, of course, but sometimes they come in very angry.

One had conjoined twins and would have died giving birth, but she exploded when he told her she couldn't smoke in the office. And some treat him with contempt and disgust, usually the ones who have been directly involved in antiabortion activities. They hate all abortion except for their special case.

The Escalation of Anti-Abortion Violence Ten Years After Dr. George Tiller’s Murder

One even said they should all be killed. Only fourteen, she came with her mother. What brings you here? I have to have an abortion.

In the Shadow of Dr. Tiller

I'm not old enough to have a baby. But you told the counselor we should all be killed? Yes, you should all be killed. Because you do abortions.

Colleagues of Slain Kansas Abortion Doctor Continue His Fight for Reproductive Rights

Me too? Yes, you should be killed too. Do you want me killed before or after I do your abortion? He told her to leave. Her mother was very upset.